NHS privatised/ Tesco reach

I have again changed my idea. I have been looking at verious ideas and researching into news and recent stories. I have come across an old worry about the NHS being privatised. This is somthing that effects the whole of Britian who use the NHS for everything from emergencies to needing check ups. The current parliment aim to reduce the debt owed by Britian by prviatising the NHS as currently each year 106 billion (2011-2012 accroding to http://www.nhs.uk/NHSEngland/thenhs/about/Pages/overview.aspx).

here are some fo the stories i have read within my reserach-





This is a subject that in know would effect me and many people. Many of the population also agree with this aswell. We do need to make changes to our economay however the NHS is somthing the UK should be proud of it shows the nature of the UK and provides people with comfort and less stress. The last thing people need in this current economic crysis is another bill which health insurence would become.

I was thinking how i could show this in a visual form however. I did think about having injured people queing outside a bank asking for a loan however thought this might be unclear. I also though about having David Cameron throwing a NHS leaflet into the bin but again the message might not come across.


I have instead decided to go down the approach of showing how the NHS would have to “Sell out”. I intend to create a poster similar to those used by Tesco’s currently (http://wklondon.typepad.com/.a/6a00d8341c823e53ef017c336b58b7970b-400wi). Tesco is a brand that is reconised instantly across the whole of the UK and is very popular also it’s reach is also exspanding we can now get everything from our grocieries to car insurence or house insurence. I can mix these two very different messages to create one piece that will show the NHS having  to sell out whilst showing the ever exspanding reach of Tesco.


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