Tesco development

During Lecture we discuss these ideas further and thought about news ones too.


I still like my idea and plan to continue with it aswell but i have also been thinking about the Local towns being destroyed by buisnness like Tesco’s. Town’s like broadstairs and Margate are being ruined by places like westwood as the people who would shop localy now go to the shopping centre and go to shops that are cheap mass produced content.


Ideas for this concept:

1. People walking out of a Tesco that is located in the midsts of a old town that dead also all people coming out would be wearing similar things or the same maby copy a few people and place them all over!

2. shot of a town like margate with Closed down writted across each one with a big tesco sign above the buildings in the background.

3. a shot of margate but all the shops have been replaced with the likes of ASDA, Tesco, Poundland etc.


These are just ideas i might try them out but my main focus is to continue the trail of the NHS idea


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