SOL Youtube plan

I have created a txt doc that has my plan of what videos i would like to produce here it is…

YouTube Content


Introduction Video

A small 6-8 sec video that will introduce all SOL videos that will incorporate the SOL logo.

Turtle Beach X12 headset set up for HDMI tutorial

The turtle Beach X12 is current dominator of the market for stereo headsets. The headset had one issue however it does not work with HDMI cable which most people use with there Xbox this video will answer the FAQ on this also give a Tut on how to set it up. There are videos like this already however they are poorly done and still have in excess of 34,000 views ( . This video although not to do with Gears of war or SOL will gain an interest and hopefully create more traffic.


Turtle Beach X12 Headset Review

The Turtle Beach X12 Headset like I said before is the most popular stereo headset available for Xbox 360. This video will be a simple review to get more interesting and create internet traffic


Gears of War 3 recruitment and advertising video

GOW 3 recruitment and advertising video a small montage/ visual imagery supported by Text to show the skills and achievements of the current SOL team


Gears of War 3 Competitive Game play with commentary

SOL competitive game play a match we have won well and shows some good play with a commentary showing what we was thinking and how we approached the match


Gears of War 3 Montage

Simple Montage of Gears of War 3 footage to show the skills of the team off just to music will be mainly aimed at already gears of war fans


Halo 4 introduction and recruitment video

Same as GOW3 recruitment video


Halo4 Competitive Game play with commentary

Same as GOW competitive game play video


Halo 4 Community montage

 Similar to the GOW montage although instead on mainly my kills it will be clips sent to me by the whole of the SOL team.


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