SOL Brief

This is the TXT Doc i wrote out for myself this is just a breif to outline what the background of the clan is the problem and the breif….






The “Sons of Locust” are a Xbox 360 Gaming Clan that compete within “The WGL” for fun. The clan has been up and running for about 9 months and in the time have come from a new unknown team to one of the best in the “WGL” ranking 2nd last season in two leagues and looking to hit 1st this season.


Sons of Locust unlike other clans are also a community meaning that its not just about competition its also about fun and just having a laugh.


The Clan competes currently in the game “Gears of War 3” but it looking to expand into “Halo 4” and soon “GOW:J”.



The current website is being paid for by SOLDecimateZ and is costing too much to run long term. The website needs to become more finically self sufficient. The website is also in need of re doing as it is currently hard to navigate and understand.



Generate a higher rate of traffic for the Sons of Locust through various media’s.


Start to use advertising in order to make the website cheaper to run.


Put in place a new website layout and system to make match invites, user friendliness and clan advertising easier.


Create more content for the current SOL YouTube account to achieve a higher online presence.


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