Presentation round up

On the day of the presentation we all turned up 30 mins early including Garvin. I said as project manager i would take the lead introduce us and clsoe it aswell as present the research however i asked everyone introduced themselfs aswell as there concepts. This meant i did the majority of the presentation however each specialist did there area of expertise i.e. Grant did the print campaign and Dan did the video and motion graphics concept.
I asked Garvin to introduce himself and to add in anything he felt was needed. The presentation went well especialy in comparison with other groups. Our presentation seams to gather more interest from people aa i tried to engage them with eye contact not script reading and trying to come across confident. It seamed as if the presentation was well recived aswell although we did run over time slightly i dont belive we overdid it too much. Everyone presented there parts great aswell and i felt we came across as a strong unit that was able to complete work by deadlines with a good approach. The main points that Kate gave us was good presentation, great research plus well summarized just sligtly long.

After the presentation we all relaxed and had a talk about how it went the group seamed happy overall and confiedent with it we decided that we could rest untill we found out who got the breif but we was unsure how long this would take.
That evening we recived a email from Jennifer Stoole asking to join our group she sent a very good formal email exsplaining who she was and what she studied etc. asking to join. I replied with i had to ask our group so i forward the email to get a general response everyon seamed happy with that so i said she was welcome and assigned her Senior graphic designer within the group working with Grant mainly. We havent had our first lesson with her yet however have exchanged a few emails and i am fairly confident this will only help develop our group and make us stronger.


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