presentation lead up and group changes

Once again we have a new member added to the ranks. Garvin i a video and motion graphics student  that was looking for the group Grant introduced me to him and he gave me a break down of his skills etc. I decided that Garvin would be a good fit to the group being able to help Dan with his concept. The presentation however was only a few days away so i said to start on research and catch up with what we are doing then he could join us for the presentation and introduce himself but would fully start work after the presentation.
At this point i had created my first draft of the presenttion i created a coustum background that i thought looked profesional i researched into other presentation and got inspriation from them. The presentation is somthing i have allways enjoyed and felt pretty confident with i wrote it kept everything to bullet points included all the research and sommarized why we belive it will work i lef the concepts blank as i was sending it to the group to give feed back then add in there ideas. Dan emailed me back first with his ideas added in which was helpful however he didnt have the font so i went through and re aligned it all and changed fonts etc. just the presentation side. Grant emailed me the work he wanted to add in i then took it put it into the presentation. All feed back from the group was apperciated and a few change where made because of this.


Once the presentation was finialized we arranged to meet 30 mins ealry on the day of the presentation to discuss who would be saying what and where.




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