Group changes and pesentation work

During The lesson before our presentation Dan Terry was looking for a group. Kate introduced us and Dan did a presentation to us to apply for our company. Myself and Grant wached this and decided that Dan would be a great addition to our group. Straight away we filled in Dan on what we had been doing up untill this point i.e. resesearch concept’s and group roles. I assigned Dan the role of Video and Motion Graphics Director as he studys video and motion graphics allready plus is his main focus for work.


After we had got to grips on who was who and what we where aiming to do we developed the breif to allow for the fact we have another student to help with the work with different set of skills. We merged our previous idea of a poster and a leaflet into one concept then with Dan we wrote out a new concept. As project manager i decided that Grant would work on the printed concept and Dan on the video and motion graphics idea’s whilst i created the presentation. This way we all had our roles for the week and we could maxiumise the amount we could get done withing this time.

Jobs for this week:

Me- create presentation, continue with research and help other members develop ideas

Grant- start the psoter and leaflet mock ups, once got the presentation add them in

Dan- Start developing the video and motion graphics concept, mock ups, questionaire sent to local school.


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