William Hague Foreign Secretary

I have changed my mind on the approach to this brief I was originally thinking of doing a mash up showing David Cameron’s policies as being only for the rich however I decided I was only actually doing this because of my biased and uninformed reasoning. I instead decided to research into current affairs that are effecting Britain and as a result me. In my research I across and interesting article (found here) which was talking about the foreign secretary going to Canada to sign a “open joint UK-Canadian diplomatic missions abroad” he then also wishes to do the same with the Australia and New Zeeland in the hope we can pool our resources to support our self and create an economic stable environment.  The initiative itself is for a good purpose however I find it interesting as its basically saying we don’t trust the EU anymore so we going to run to our other friends!! I hope to use this in creating an image in which the Foreign secretary is leaving the EU representatives behind and greeting his “old friends” the Canadians, Australians and Kiwi’s.

Another resrouce that helped my understand was this Daily Mail article (found here)

I have now started to research more into this issue aswell as looking into finding images of all the characters in my piece to create a good scene.

The current members can be (found here) however i will need images for them aswell


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