Inpriational Artists

As part of the breif for each style we have to pick an artist that we wish to emulate or use as inspriation for each style.


For the Beauty Retouch style i would like to use “Bloddroppe” who can be found on deviant Art here.

Bloddroppe is a fahsion photographer aswell as a digital retoucher. The images that she creates are all very highly profesional and give real emotion and feelings to each peace. The main reason i like her style opposed to the many of other digital retouchers is that her work feels like it has a story. Most of the style is all about just plain sex appeal and getting an audience simply by being the sexiest around where bloddroppe uses interesting models, interesting colour, locations and themes. Many of the texhniques are fairly simple to do however its tricky to get the balance between just right and over doing it. I will be aiming to produce somthing similar in style and tone to her work.


For the Movie poster artist i am refrencing Kurt Volk a Graphic designer that has worked closely with Robert Rodreguiez on his production and is responable for the Planet Terror and Machete posters his work can be found here.. .

The work that Kurt does is veried looking through his portfilio some of it would not be applicable however his work with trouble makers studios is all very similar that B movie creased paper and desaturated look and worn feel. This is somthing i aim to acheive with my work creating an over the top B movie action poster. The work is very stylized and uses miniamlistic colour the most famous is simply the main Character on a red background with 1 font text at the bottom centred yet it acheives in creating a very atmospheric piece of work.


The Vexel peice i plan to do will be using Sewwy as a reference who can be found here..

Althought there is not much in here account (due to her leaving DA i belive) the work however that is there is amazing photo realistic i am unsure on how much time this work takes and her approach but it will give me a great idea on the level of detail that can be achieved. The work is a slightly different style however that i would like to take She provides a realistic approach whereas i like the cartoony anime style. I will however be doing a potrait aswell so looking at thigns like the fine details eye’s, mouth etc. will provide me with an idea of the colour balance and how to shape them. the work is impressive and is somthing to look forward to aiming at.


The final piece of work is my digital art piece its a mix of over painting and digital painting. I will be refrencing someone that led me to this current style i plan to do who is Alexiuss whose work can be found here..
Alexiuss’s work is digital art in a sci fi genre the work feels like an oil painting with texture depth and real emotion in each piece it really is digital art at its finest. This is somthing i aspire to but i lack a drawing abilty i am much more techincaly focused i prefare lines and block colour’s where as his work is very much in the detail and overlapping of elements. Alexiuss does offer a tutorial on how he approaches his work which is where i got my ideas from his exsplnation of perspective really helped and using photo’s as refrences and over painting them. The work is somthing although completly different style i will look back to for inspriation.




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