final idea and breif

I have chosen my final idea after talking it both through with the lecture. The portfilio would hae been good for personal use however an outside client with more needs than just webdesign would be better for grades and personal exspansion in different areas.


I have disscuessed with the client user namer: SOL DecimateZ the needs of the clan and what he would like to achive and wrote out an inital breif to give me a direction to start looking at.


“I will be aiming to acheive a greater online present for the Sons Of Locust and getting the clan more well known withing the gaming community. The Clan is relativly new with potential of sponsership and attending LAN gaming events. There are normaly between 10-20 active members at one time which concentrate on the game series known as “Gears Of War”.
The way fo achiveing a more know online status will be acived by producing the following for the Sons Of Locust

  • Redesign of Website (headers, layout, colour theme, backgrounds, modules etc.)
  • Youtube persionalization (SOL allready have an account so it will be design for the account)
  • Content for the Youtube account (Tutorials, montages, tips, clips etc.)(this is to be confirmed and dependent on the ability to get the equipment from university)
  • Youtube Intro
  • More effecient system for managing the clan (Ranking system, game invites, match resualts etc.)
  • Set up of twitter account to generate a following aswell as use it for organisation”

The breif will be developed further as required to suit both the clients needs and my university breif. I will also have to develop me knowledge of CMS web design, Clan Management, Motion Graphics, Video Editing, SEO, Youtube accounts, Coustum backgrounds etc.



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