Concept development and breif development

My breif for the clan is looking good and there are further issues to resolve and understand.
SOL use a CMS called Enjin in which they are only allowed 40 modules so i have to keep this in mind with the web design. Also SOL are branching out and starting a team for the new game Halo 4 so web design will also have to be aimed towards this aswell. I would like to put into place on the website a system that is easy to manage for the leader or admins that will allow them to create events invite people and deal with the organisation a lot easier aswell.
The website is also not very user friendly when first looking at it, it can become overwhelming with lots of content modules and links etc. I would like to keep all the current features but introduce a new look and feel to the website.


The youtube content in not specific the content is simply to aquire a following and provide SOL with online presense however i will keep the content relevent to the games SOL use and also gaming in general i will focus with Tutorials, Tip’s and tactics for competative gaming.


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