Digital Painting Research

I am very interested in doing some over paint or some digital painting however i have only done a little in lectures so i am researching into how to digitaly paint and get a better understanding of it. I have a Tablet so i am following online tutorials to find out different methods and tips.
I foud this tutorial interesting although its majority is basic some of it just confirmed infomation or better exsplained it to me its very easy to understand and the video tutorial is somthing i much prefare to written ones. (great exsplanation of the brush pallete)

tutorial for beginners

i then moved onto somthing a little more spesific like scenary. I used the previous tutorial idea of sketching out idea to produce these three bits they didnt take long the first was from imagination a street the idea was to have the POV standing middl of the road looking down it however it woked great jus the road when i added the pavement i got the persepctive wrong and it made it look more like a birds eye view so i stopped. The second idea was to over paint a image jus the edges to see how long it would take also to get used to the tablet however i found an image that allready had done that so i used that to paint over instead. here are the results… (i also did this traditionaly on just 1 layer)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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