My development of concepts hasn’t come to me fully I am unsure however keep coming back to one main idea.
The idea of doing a vintage film website excites me there are loads of genre’s theme’s and style that would work well with this idea. It applies to the brief looking at vintage films and using the aesthetic to influence the website. If I decide to go ahead I need to choice a particular genre to keep it all in one theme I was thinking about doing something a little out of my comfort zone and doing for something with streaks of colour and lots of creativity with the 70’s/80’s feel to it.

These are lists of people’s best of 70’s and 80’s movies

There are a lot of classic movies made at this time the first one that obvious is Star Wars and The Godfather but both of these wouldn’t lend them self’s to the vintage theme. I am looking more towards the classic musical and dancing films during this period that are also set during that time as well. Movies such as Saturday Night Fever, Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory,  Grease, Dirty Dancing etc. although not all of these I enjoy it would make for an interesting challenge to provide a website to show the classic films that seam to been lost nowadays.
The purpose of this website will simply be to showcase the best of the 70’s/80’s genre with video clips and photogallery’s from the films.


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