Design Practice research and concepts

Target Audience:

For our target audience we are focusing on the 8-12 year old’s male and female that live in and around broastairs.

Ways to reach this audience:

  • School This age is in school the majority of there time and are a captive audeince this would be the easiest place to reach them in primary 8-11
  • Social media although 8-12 year olds are relativly young and social media would not reach all also most will not have full access
  • Posters around the area all local 8-12 year olds will travel around broadstairs and see posters and obvious advertising like that
  • Perants- 8-12 year olds are still under the control and reign of perants so if you can appeal to the perants Kids will have to follow suit


Why 8-12 year olds should attened Folk Week:

  • Workshops in everything from banjo, guitar and other musical instruments to theatre, arts and crafts (this should be the main focus showing the interesting things people can learn for free/cheap)
  • Music Bands and local  community
  • Socializing other kids/ teenagers
  • Culture
  • price (cheap free bands and cheap workshops)
  • new interesting things to learn and see



  • For the first advertising campaign i would suggest we create local poster advertising campign aimed at 8-12 years olds and there perants. The previous posters used by broadstairs folk week are similar to this (Poster) These are informative and give you an idea of what bands are playing however it does not advertise folk week and all the elements of it. I would like to create a poster incorperating all the elements of folk week workshops, bands, community and socializing.
  • Create a Leaflet to be handed out within schools by Teachers. This would be an easy way of getting intereting infomation to all local kids within Broadstairs its the easiest way to reach the majority of the target audience. This leaflet could run along side the poster aswell be linking in it needs to show all the elements and be aimed towards the kids.


Previous posters:

poster 1 –   This poster is great the colour tones all work and give you that folk feel, the illistruations used are creative and simple this colour tone is somthing i would think about for our work.

poster 2–  Another great creative poster that uses similar colour tones to give that feeling of warmth and fun.

poster 3–  This poster is relativly obviousy style however works well with the tone and colour also got that 70’s-80’s feel to it hippy creative and interesting

poster 4– This poster is slightly more dull looking more like a “Your country need you” poster than a folk week also got one tone and boring type

poster 5– This looks like it was created in microsoft paint its colour are basic cheap and looks like anyone could do it not much creative input into this one


These posters are a mix of good and bad the ones that are bad are too cheap and boring not looking creative enough. The ones that work simple work because they are creative and use the same colour tones and hand drawn look to it. However all these posters aim more towards the adult market we need to create a creative piece that Kids will enjoy aswell. Also using more photography to show workshops, bands and the circus life that runs along with it.




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