Design practice group and breif

Our design group is confirmed We are now “Waifs & Strays” which consists of Myself, Grant and Prince.

After our seconded lesson together in which prince was absent we had a task to finish our logo and put online a website. As i am a Web designer I took the role of creating the web site, Grant agreed to work on a Logo for our company we needed to have these done by Saturday. I however had to go on holiday on the Friday evening so I had to finish the website for the Thursday Afternoon. I got to work straight away we didn’t have a style, logo or concept so I had to wing it and try to come up with some ideas solo. I finished a website and created a temporary logo to be replaced at a later time. This was hard work to do on short notice however I got mine done and sorted in time so I was happy. The design look i went for was corporate tried to keep it minimalistic and using very little colour simply white blue and turquoise. I also learned some new CSS3 style’s so used them on the piece to see if it would work which it did. We also was given an external brief from Broadstairs Folk Week as well as some research materials including a program from the previous festival.


I came back from holiday and on the Wednesday we had a lecture Prince was unable to make it unfortunately so we carried on without him. Grant had done some Logo design’s which I thought where interesting some nice design and something we could work with however Kate point out the lack of a link between the logo and the meaning of Waifs & Strays and encouraged Grant to look into it a little more and work on them which he started straight away making changes downloading fonts and researching Waifs & Strays. Kate also made some points about the website E.G. the background had a pattern with grey squares she asked if it’s possible to make a few a random different colours again to relate to the “Stray” element I did this straight away and the result was interesting I used a colour from the banner to keep the theme relatable as well.


During this lesson we also talked a bit about the Young Folk Brief given to us the week before we discussed the possible age groups, the way those age groups get information, what appeals to the target audience etc. just general idea generation. I have a few ideas already and putting together concepts to work on. I have also wrote an email to Prince and Grant given them a copy of the brief, the deadline, what needs to be done and my first few concepts which are:

“Concept 1: A poster led campaign showing all the workshops and social interaction that goes on within the Folk Week.

Concept 2: A Folk Week promo Video to be shown within primary school’s and high school’s.

Concept 3: Face book profile and viral adverts to appeal to the 13-18 yea olds (if we decided on this age group)”


These are summarized and to be expanded but it gives us an initial starting point for our work.


Our next step is research and communication with each other about our target audience and our concepts. I have created a Google Calander in which I have written the objectives I wish to have completed by each date. I will be responsible for making sure this work stays on track and am currently trying my best to do so however communication from the team is lacking currently however we have a week off and I hope we can blast a lot through emails over this time.



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