Idea breakdown exspanded

Idea 1:

The First idea I had was based around doing a personal Web Developer website with 2/3 portfolio websites to go along with it.



  • I will have a professional website to exit university with
  • I will also have portfolio work to present when looking for work.
  • Further my knowledge of web design and learn specific skills within Web Design such as JQuery or JavaScript
  • Strong and confident with the idea itself also looks to the future not just based in the now



  • Not an external brief
  • Not unique
  • Might be classes as too easy (which I find a little offensive)


Idea 2:

The second idea is based around an external client that is a friend of mine. He runs a gaming clan that is looking to branch out and become more popular and with the future looking of getting sponsorship. He will require YouTube content as well as an intro video for YouTube. Also the website they currently run could do with re design and re-work.



  • External client
  • New Skills
  • Multi Media
  • Promotional and viral
  • Plenty of potential and free reign with it



  • Little too far away from my current studies
  • Not to much future potential in the job sector
  • Don’t think I will learn a lot that would help me



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