Initial Breif research and thoughts

After the lecture I’ve followed up with research into what a mash up exactly is and to get ideas about what kind of mash I would like to do.

This link above is a top 10 movie trailer mash ups. These mash ups take two films and use audio and visuals from each film to cut together a piece with a different meaning these are for comedy pieces of course they provide no real message there simply just done because people can and its fun. I enjoyed some of these a love the way they juxta position things like TNMT a classic kids movie with Resiviour dogs a Quentin Tarantino Movie that’s about primarily Violence and organised crime. Put together so well that it really can make you think about the controversial implications of it. If done correctly about a real subject matter they can have amazing effects.


I came across this video! and although before the video I had no idea on the subject matter or who Mitt Romney was I was able to guess who he is what he stands for and what type of a person he is although only from the view of the video creator. The video is funny in itself using press conference videos to create a rap from a USA Republican candidate for president. With out seeing any other information about him I can already guess he is a right wing wealthy strong minded American who believes in corporations and fighting for the already wealthily (which properly includes himself). Also puts a lot of political power towards the army and believes in fighting for “Peace”. This is simply from viewing this video however they could have created this about Gandhi and if I didn’t know who he was already I would have believed it and that is the power of these type of mash-ups.


The type of mash up I would like to follow is one that’s a visual mash up using photographs to create a poster. I would like to base this around either something political probably directed at David Cameron and his Elitism or the idea of vegetarians being healthier. I will follow this up with research in those area’s to see what has already been done and what can be done.




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