Photomanipulation Research

I have started research into the areas i belive i am interested in doing some work in. I have created multiple Deviant art collections one for each style.

The first style is beauty the collection is found here

The work in here is mainly from one user Bolddroppe a profesional photographer and retoucher. Her work is VERY good both the photography, models, fashion and retouching is all great. I like her work a lot more than others because they have feeling and wamrth to them some beauty are just plainly about sex appeal however a lot of her work has deeper feeling not relying on half naked women she does elegance which is the style i prefare (she does do a lot of the other style aswell but i am not using this work as my inspriation). I would like to creat somthing similar nature based with my own photography if possible. the main example of her work i would like to use for inspriation is this it has nature colour vibrance and feeling in it.

Landscape Surrealism is my second style i would like to do this as a photomanipulation however not sure how possible this actuly is the collection is found here This collection is mainly the work of a guy called Alexiuss although he is AMAZING its not the style i would like to do as this is digital painting and somthing WAYYYYYY out of my league i wanted to based mine of real life  photography. My style would like to be more like this Although this is a more simple piece its odd slightly surreal and just gives you an usual feeling. I would my work to be more post apocolptic but through research stock photography in that area is hard to come also most people do this style as a digital painting.
I have found aswell some video tutorials that are insanly useful this particualr video is on how to create a UFO attack scene they use mainly photo’s but also digitaly paint in a lot of aspects aswell i will try this out for sure!

I still am creating collections for the other styles however this is somthing i am working on.


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