Initial Breif response

I came into the lesson with a few ideas allready possible outside work or personal portfilio work wasnt sure however.

The breif is as exspected written by us and signed off by lecturer The work has to be a lot due to it being worked on over the whole acedemic year. The lectures up untill chrismas will be to track progress and basicly push us along with the work also for the first few to get original and creative ideas of what we would like to do.

I have two inital ideas for the work.

The first is a freelance website for myself thats profesional and can advertise my services and ability along with multiple other websites that i can use as a portfilio. So it would be one main site thats for my personal advertisment and three others in verious styles to show a verity of work these websties would be creations for fictional buissness.
The second ideas needs a lot more talking through with the lecture however i would like to create an orignal website for the “Sons of Locust”, website fouhnd here, a gaming clan thats trying to get reconised in the community. To acompny this i would also like to produce a series of videos as publicty for the site to be uploaded to youtube. This would be a external project all work would need to run through the Client the leader of this clan.

They are my first two main ideas others include createing a series of WordPress themes to upload to wordpress to sell there are lots of thema allreaduy however i would try to create some that are different asteticly. My work up untill the next lecture would be to simple research in the areas that seam interesting to me so look at other freelance web designer websites, gaming clan websites and videos also wordpress themes.


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