Design practice

I have missed the first lesson of Design practice due to being ill. I have however caught up vis blackboard notes on what has happened. The Class ran over the breif looked at what we shall be doing over the coming assignment and year. A task was set for the following week this was basicly to create a design practice group with between 3-6 members. I was not there however and due to lack of social interaction this made it hard for me to form a group so i simply went to the next lecture without a group. I was placed with two others who where in similar position we worked on the work for that lecutre together not knowing if we where staying in those groups.

During My first lecture back we had to write a breif for 1 logo for our design group which was named for us “Waifs & Strays”. I took control as we was all nervous and unsure on who each other where tryed to just chat to get  us all relaxed then owrked on the tasks given looking at profesional design groups and analysing there websites and branding. Everything went well we created a philosphy and wrote the breif although only a basic one.

After lecture we recived an email from Kate this was a recap of teh lesson with the groups names and people in the group one more person had been added to our group Prince and one had left Racheal this didnt effect us as we where only just starting out anyway. I have emailed both Grant and Prince to get working on our work for the next lecture which is to get a presentation together that will show our current philiophy and logo ideas and concepts.

We shall assign roles and tasks for next week lecture hopfuly we can do this in time.



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