Initial breif throught and ideas

After the first lesson last week I started to think about my initial ideas on the brief how I am interpreting it what I believe I need to do what skills I need to learn etc.

First of all.. “Your task is to produce 4 x A3 art pieces using Adobe Photoshop, focusing on subject matter of your choice. Each art-piece must represent a different visual style / media approach” this is an extract from the brief as to sentences says we are simple to produce “4 x A3 art pieces”. Now this is very open no restrictions on what style or subject matter however it has to be produced in Photoshop and each piece needs to be in a different “style/ media approach”. My thoughts on this are simple I like this idea although 4 pieces does sound overwhelming tied in with the lessons we will cover with Dean we will have all the skills required to produce professional pieces.

My first task would be to do some research into the style I like and would like to follow up on I already have some ideas but more research into the field will give me more options and knowledge to produce a GOOD piece not just one to pass the lecture.

Style idea’s:

Beauty portrait is the first idea popping into my head although beauty shots are more simple its about getting emotion across and giving a real clean look to a piece that makes it harder. I would aim to take the photo myself and use Photoshop to perform a background removal add make up and also retouch skin etc.

Digital painting is something I would like to try although I can not paint to save my life in real life I believe that it is something I would like to try out also would base this on a film maybe to put two different iconic characters together in one shot i.e. Luke Skywalker (star wars) in a Guy Ritchie film like snatch.

Comic book art board/ sketch the idea of creating a full comic book across an A3 page would be interesting although I am not sure how hard so it could be pulled down to one giant comic book art piece.

Movie Poster although i did a very similar thing for my first project in the first year i beleive i could do it a LOT better so i would like to give a movie poster another go proberly a sci-fi or action piece.

Lanscape/surrealism I like panoramic views ideal places to be but with a twist taking an ideal location and either destroying it or making like another planet. I would take or source a landscape image and edit it in Photoshop into another world.

They are my first thoughts and ideal choices I will run this past Dean for ideas also research help any artists he might know of. I will start my research and use wordpress as a log also will create deviant art folders for each style and start putting pieces into them.


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