Initial Breif response

After our first lesson we have been given the breif did some recap on Web design also an exercise that involved using the new HTML 5 tags for layout such as “section” “aside” etc.

The Breif…

Creative Web Design is our first Web based Assignment In this we are require to produce a ”

3 – 4 page Responsive Website Design that is visually inspired by one [or more] of the following categories:

1. Typography / Magazine style

2. Vintage / Retro

3. Hand written & Sketches

4. Collage

Patterns / Textures / Organic”

This assignment like others is fairly open and gives us freedom to be creative however still have set targets in mind when approaching the work. Responsive web design is something we have not covered yet however all will be revealed in the lectures giving us the technical knowledge to produce this work. Work will be submitted via “clic” also uploading the website to the student server.


Initial Thoughts…

My initial thoughts on what I would like to do it fairly open and will require research to make a full decision but simple based at looking at the options I believe I will head down the Vintage/ Retro theme maybe with collage. The reason for choosing Vintage/ retro is based solely on preferred style I really enjoy the vintage style browns, oranges, warmth and that classical feel you get from it however many of the other categories overlap into this like texture when thinking of vintage one often thinks of old wall paper the peeling look kind of worn down.


These are my initial thoughts however although that is an aesthetic style it has to fit the content and my content is unsure as of now. I am thinking of perhaps Classic Noir films either information about 1 film or multiple but this will need research, which should be my next step for this assignment.


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