Web site Research…

To start my research I simple went onto google and typed “Vintage Websites” into the search bar I figured organic searching just going from one site to another looking at things along the way would give me an idea of if I want to do Vintage or not. The first link was 50 Vintage and Retro websites PERFECT! (http://webdesignledger.com/inspiration/50-retro-and-vintage-web-designs-to-inspire-you

) I started to look through the list and was quite surprised by how bad some of them where some where really good to but a surprising amount of bad. So I decided to do a quick list of some of them and point out what I liked and what I disliked about each one…

First up…  http://www.huxleyprairiefest.com/?RUN_TYPE=HOME

This website is for the “Huxley prarie festival” I really like this website its simple and elegant. The first thing I noticed is the colour it’s a mix of Turquoise, green peace green, a kind of natural paper white/cream and brown all of these colours give that natural down to earth relaxed feel to them.

The header is this warm brown cardboard with a vignette the header is warm and contains the festival logo across it as well as the navigation it also provides a good contrast so text on it is noticeable.

The background is on the top half turquoise representing the sky on most pages also has clouds the colour is not solid however it’s a textured pattern like old expensive paper. The bottom half is the creamy colour representing the space between the sky and earth it provides a light background the overlaying text is easy to see and stands out however the background on its own is beautiful texture similar to that of the turquoise.

The Footer is made up of the same texture however is a nice shade of green that I call Green peace green this obviously representing the earth. Sticking out of the footer is little green shapes of people signs and plants all make this nice pattern across the screen giving this overall site a welcoming and natural hippy feel.

Sub navigation is on each page as well this is presented on a nice dark orange note paper. This works as a contrasting colour the only orange on the page a real stand out piece that fits in naturally but draws in attention.

Text is split into three colour Links and <p> tags are Brown, primary <h> tags seam to be orange as well as the dividers for each article and lastly the sub headers and tag line are the turquoise colour. The text all fits nicely and with the colour already being used everything feels in place and well designed.

The Navigation is also clear and stands out on the header. There is also a nice touch with the “You are here statement“ using the background colour below to go behind the link you are currently using.

Now… http://www.teamfannypack.com/

I will keep this a lot shorter and just bullet point the things I like and dislike about the rest of the sites otherwise I may as well have wrote a full essay.


  • Background (use of fitting texture)
  • Typography (Headers and content alike all fitting and all pleasing to the eye)
  • Header (Newspaper looks good and works well)
  • The Concept (Strong concept using the old world newspaper)


  • Overwhelming (Although it looks good its too much to take in too busy no space to breath or separate content)
  • Top links (The links at top of page are a little confusing as your not entirely sure on where they will take you and there not obvious links)
  • Navigation (This is clearer however ruins the illusion of the paper would have like a better approach also I dislike having all content on one page L)
  • Colour (this could have been a positive to some however I would have liked some colour just to accent certain aspects like links or important information the black, white and brown is fitting but I believe a bit more colour would add to it)
  • Loading times (could have been this mac but I believe this site a little to high web bandwidth)


  • The opening “Enter site” page (I am a fan of these cover pages when done right its fitting fashionable and gives you a good feel for the website)
  • Background image (rich texture and easy to place text on)


  • The background (I like the image I would however like to see more the area you can see is too small for content its 10% image 90% blank and dull)
  • Text font (basic uninteresting not awful just uninteresting)
  • Text colour (content isn’t bad however links are awful and in places hard to spot)
  • Links (again awful horrid colour the fonts bad and underlined)
  • Header (Blends in with background hard to spot also on most pages has an “<” above it guessing its an error)

http://flatwoodsfolkart.com (This website designed by the same as the last one)


  • Cover page (again I like interesting visual and gives you an impression of whats to come)
  • Images (Mainly at the header but fitting and well presented)
  • Header (Nice header gives you the company and a feel for it)


  • Navigation (Too many links and most not important some should be drop down or sub menus badly laid out hard to read)
  • Text size (veries depending on the page but the home page it changes throughout the content)
  • Background (plain unimpressive would have like a simple texture)
  • Text font of content (this is the default I believe, uninteresting and not apporite also different pages have different fonts)
  • SEO (This website is not browser friendly the code is poor and self contained CSS leaves a nightmare I assume a program may have been used)



  • Background images(The background is plain but works well for the website the image at the very back however is a simple and formal design works well)
  • Navigation (simple and obvious easy to read good size although I dislike the confusion as the “you are here” statement is the same as when you hover over a link)
  • Colour themes (The colours work together oranges, browns and greens)
  • Typography (Simple again yet effective fits well with the design and provides a nice formal feel)
  • Footer (simple effective and provides links that may be needed)


  • Header (There isn’t one really on left above links there is a logo I would like to see this in the centre with some sort of header to announce the website instead of the advert that is currently there)
  • Uninteresting (although everything works its not particularly interesting it feel like a museum boring and plain)




  • The cover page (although don’t like the logo going off page like this one does also not sure how it will look on smaller device)
  • Backgrounds (interesting images provide a real local feel)
  • Fonts (appropriate and well chosen feel creative)
  • Colours (There are few colours but all fit in well and come across subtle)
  • Naviagtion (My least favourite point it’s a little uncreative for this site however its functional and obvious)



  • none

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