More idea development

After to looking at all the minimlist websites i have to a revelation to how my book and website should actully look. I have diteced the previous colour themes and chain ideas as they we a little obvious with not a lot of thought behind them the new style that i wish to aim for is a cartoon scenery cloud layout. I have found a a tutorial on how to create cartoon clouds, background and suns.

For my website i will layout all content onto cloud which are in a sort of table format however slightly off centre to give that natural feel mabey with content hanging of the sides aswell so for people that look around the website more will find little hidden content. I wish to carry on the idea of everything being a link including pictures hoever because links can overtake the piece each paragraph will have its own link realting to the theme of content and the background image will not be a link due to mabey clicking the wrong object. I wish to have birds, building etc. in the background however so these could easily be links as they will have no content over them.

For the book i wish to carry out the exact same idea as before laying out a massive mind map however insterad of the chains and diagram feel i will use the same cartoon clouds and sky to achieve a direct link between the website and the book. The diagram however is going to need a way to show the different type’s of links or the amount of links from each website i aim to do this through using photo shop to put a colour tinge to each type of cloud. My current thinking of the key would be somthing like this

“colour=0-10 links

colour=11-20 links



however i will need to put more thought into this and create a set of cloud images to test it out.


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