Minamlist websites

As a resource for research Shelley suggested looking at a few minimalist websites to get an idea of how they look and feel.

here are some websites and notes i made on them:


The website above is a very simple website however it feels and looks very nice and well designed. The website is only one page of large text but the typography is perfect for the theme and the background has a lovely texture to it that makes the piece really stand out from others. i would however create more pages and have some sort of navigation built in as she is offering web design however not showing much web design more just graphic design on show. This piece also has no real grid layout however that is just because the lack of content the statement just has to sit in the middle.


The website above is also again a one page website however through the use of navigation it gives the impression of a multiple pages. I like the very unique idea of navigation combing the use of a fixed position with links that not link to another page rather a new location on the page is very stylish it achieves a good look whilst advertising his abilities to think outside the box. The only problem i would image is the site on a smaller screen probably would struggle as you would either lose navigation or content.


I like the website above for the style and look they have used colors to contrast and it works very well creating a funky and very designer feel to it. The website is also very friendly using language to talk the audience directly and make jokes however i do not like horizontal design it feels like there is just to much on one web page and is not the easiest to navigate with a average mouse as there is no side scroll bit plus when you do use the links on the “first page” if you wanted to go to a certain other page you either have to scroll through them all or go back to the home page then click the link you now want. this is still interesting however the navigation lets it down.



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