Indesign problems

Whilst createing the book i have had numerous problems trying to get to grips with indesign to me it just doesnt make sense also for the purpose i am using it i also belive its not the correct tool.

My book does not operate like a normal book although its 12 spreads they open into 1 in a way that laying out in Indesign is just impossible.


In order to create my book how i want to it work i have exsported the dismensions into photoshop and started to create it in there as it is a diagram not a coloum scrict format book. I put the diamensions into photoshop and create 1 canvas which i could work on marked out the work area with rulers and made sure i knew where the pages ended and started whilst being able to see it all together and not spli across different art boards. Mary herself had trouble coming to a conclusion on which program to use when i asked how to set up in in design i did not get a final answer but was told illistrator might prove better but unforuntly i was left non the wiser. I have done the book in photoshop into 1 giant image then is rulered out however i croped and saved multiple times so that each page is saved i then placed onto a in design book in order to furfill submission require ments i understand that in short is a “Workaround” however i would argue that it is nesessary and proved better for it achiveing a much better result than i could have hoped for.

Here are the images:

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