final thoughts and uploading

Finaly all work is completed.


I have certain thoguhts on my pieces

Website: I am very happy with i belive the style is very simple but professional providing infomation using very neat HTML and CSS also using open source comment box which we learnt this year all in all i am very happy and cant wait to upload to web server. I would add more content given more time and also postion each pages clouds slightly different to give each page a little uniqness however how it is works fine and looks great.


Book: I am also very happy with the book althoguh i have had trouble achieveing what i orignaly set out to do i belive the look and funicanality is very good the way it opens out would be interesting plus the diagram is not hard to looks at its actully fun to the eye. Given more time i would do the reasearch for real and perhaps spend mroe time creating the arrows between the links. overall i am happy and belive the piece is very different to that created by others.


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