finished version

I finished a version that i was finialy happy with it has some minor issues however i belive its the best i will get by the deadline.

The video can be found here:

The piece has some strong point personaly i belive the opening is really good and the music fits well editing to the beat is effective and the content is relevent to subject matter and provides a great introduction. The text used in tutorial does not stand out as well as it should the aim was to keep it nuteral white to make it look clean and professional also there is not much white in shot so it should stick out a bit more however at times it doesnt work as well as it could. The text is quite often not on screen long enough we only get to read half of the sentence before it moves on this is mainly down to the time limit i was attempting to keep to under 1 min or at least as close as possible however i could have shaved some time of the intro but as i belive that was the best bit i didnt want to. Next time i would make the text appear with a slight transparant background in a blackish colour fade it in and out and hold the text on screen a lot longer.

I am overall happy with the piece if you pause the piece the tutorial is easy to follow clear and should help people learn to juggle which is the overall aim of the piece next time i might voice the tutorial over aswell rather than using text but i wanted to use after effects for this one as its a requirement of the brief.


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