The main bulk of my research has been done through my practicing of the circus arts. I have been a circus Tutor for 4 years and been juggling for around 8 so through that time i have learnt a lot of tips and tricks that have helped me that i would like to pass on. The actuly teaching o juggling will be easy as i know how to do this allready i also have ideas for camera angles and setting however further reasearch is required hence this post.

The research i am carrying out is not how to juggle its more how successful online tutorials become successful what makes them reat compared to the other hundreds out there.

Video 1: 

This proberly is the highest viewed 3 ball juggling tutorial on youtube so i thought this would be a great place to start. The video is actully an extract from a DVD that can be brought online. The video its self is nothing spectacular no amazing FX fancy title screens or anything gimmicks so why has it got 400,000+ views? Its quite simple and comes down to three main reasons the first of which is its a great tutorial clear, easy to follow and presented simple the second reason its popular is its presenter (Jason Garfield) is classed one of the best jugglers in the world and has even appeared on major American TV shows thridly is that the video is produced by the WJF (world juggling federation)meaning again world class juggelars. I can take a lot of posatives from this i really like the short intro to get people watching and paying attension the montage of tricks give aspriation to the views and gives them a target. I also like the step by step motion taking it right down to basics these are both great points i wish to take forward with me however the piece comes across a little too dry and doesnt have a real enjoyable feel to it as it comes across to serious juggling should be fun so i will try to make it slightly more engaging. I also do not like the talking i belive written instructions can be more benefical as people can pause the video and see the sentence and not have to keep replaying it.

Video 2:

This video has reached 46,000 views and is another 3 ball juggling tutorial. This video however is considerably different in many ways its a amature production with writtenon screen instructions. This video has some great point to it its very clear and provides multiple angles in which to see how to juggle somthing i would again like to include. The on screen instructionsrelate to the visuals provideing a nice anchor to the images. The video quialty however is poor setting is also poor and comes across very amature also the typeface has no relevence plus it jumps straight into the tutorial no introduction These are points i would like to correct and get right in my piece.


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