Intro and development

I have completed an intro for my piece this will go at the begining to lure people into watching the video can be found at

I like this intro i belive its got a good pace are some minor audio issues to be resolved but all in all its quite good the colour isnt great i would like a more deeper colour ot hte piece some higeher contrast and less burnout on the faces this is somthin to work on in colour correction. The small text scenes where fully created in after effects using a tutorial ichanged the tutorial slightly hoever as it used blues i used differenct colours greens and reds to provide a more circus feel.

This is a first draft however i will continue to make more adjustments to it but as a starting point i belive it is looking good. I will also figure out why the resolution isnt great this is somthin i will need to work on i belive its down to the exsport settings i will try exsporting using differnet pre sets and coustom settings.

This video: is the text screen transition that i would like to use i created this following a youtube tutorial however i made changes to the colour to suit my purpose as the tutorial made a kinda sci-fi look where as i wanted a more circus spotlight feel. i can not now find the tutorial however the piece was entirely created in after effects and i adjusted certain aspecxts of the tutorial to my needs such as colour, amount of wiggle and depth of field amount.

The process for this is simple and as such isnt too much to exsplain i filmed the footage with my partner after story boarding (find picutre below). I then imported into after effects and added text i tried to track the text into the shot however it looked odd so i took it off. I then editied the piece into the right order and to creative commons music i found on Soundcloud. Then i exsperimented with colour correction and added effects however simple has proven to be better than fancy FX i belive.


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