idea devlopment and drawings

This is the first face board i drew out showing all different emotions from shock to a waking up sequence which is spread out between 7 faces to give a natural feel. All the emotions shown are used in the story this was a test to check all the emotions could be shown and that i could draw them myself.











i was supposed to upload my digital character story boards to here however for some reason the versions i did on the computer are missing if i find will upload. Basicly what should have been here is 3 sets of character boards each with verious faces similar to those that are hand drawn also with a childlike cut out around each one these would be interchanged on the characters body saving me having to draw each one every frame. i had a collection of about 20 faces across three characters and was in the process of creating more.



These are my story boards for this original idea most of this is similar to the previous animation i did however i have made changes based on what i belive did and didnt work about my last piece.

This story board shows 6 shots the first a title seqence then cutting into animation with a birds eye view on a bed with a two in 1 shot showings a man and an ugly woman asleep then the waking animation is used here. The story boards then continue to show the rest of the action moving into the next scene located in the bar. The following pictures are of the rest of the story continueing the idea there is six boxes in each page with text underneath to exsplain the shot and any action taking place.








As you can see from these pictures i have planned out all the shots i belive i need aswell as ideas about angles which provides me with enough infomation to start getting locations shots. This story board process has been helpful and is allowing me to get a heads up on what it is i still need.


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