Idea development

I spoke to Alan and Mary today about my idea how it can be improved, if it is relevent and if it could be done within 2000 words. I first spoke to Alan on his own he suggested that my idea was a little ambitious and said to perhaps focus only on the design of the mobiles phones and how they are still similar/ different. I then spoke to Mary who said she thought my idea of interesting and would apply very well to the brief needless to say i was confused so mary and I went and spoke to Alan together so we could work it out.

Alan shared his conceners that i was starying away fromt the brief and instead of focusing on the mobile phones i was conecntration too much on soceity and the uses of mobiles phone when the breif requires me to compare two objects against each other. Mary was quick to agree after speaking with Alan however not with the idea of concentrating on design as it would be very dry instead to focus more on the phones and explore how they are used in certain situation such as the london riots vs. tottenham 1985 riots.

I have since sent my current version of the essay to Alan to read through so he can suggest any improvements or a suggested way to refocus the essay. I will await a reply and carry out suggested changes however i would like to carry on with my original idea but maby relating to the phones a lot more and the possiblities of how they can be used and how they are currently used.

I should continue to wokr on the essay and await response from Alan.


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