web design color themes

I have drawn out idea for my websites with this in mind i wanted to get an idea of color themes so using the Adobe Kuler theme creator these are possible color schemes that relate to the subject matter and have a nice ascetic. all design for website will also impact for the book as i would like the astetic to be iconic for my piece and be recognised instantly.

these are examples of some of the colors themes i have liked so far.




http://kuler.adobe.com/#themeID/1766912 (this one a little different but still a really nice contrast not sure for the website though)

http://kuler.adobe.com/#themeID/1809244 (i created this one not great though like 2 or 3 colors black doesn’t really fit)

http://kuler.adobe.com/#themeID/1809254 (i created this from a stock image this one involving red)

http://kuler.adobe.com/#themeID/1809248 (created from a images of a silver chain quite a nice one as well)

The name for the website at the moment is “The Internet Link” and i have an image in my head of a black with silver maybe shades of blue. I am also researching into images looking for a stock image of a clean high resolution metal chain that i could use as a header or possibly as a boarder i have found a few (see below). These all look really nice i will remove the background to create and add a title to try create a header then from this i will then redo the kuler from that image it might give me a final set of color to work from whilst web designing.

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