Idea Development

During a lecture with Shelley i explained my original idea for a website design the concept behind it and what my book was link in relation however through speaking to Shelley its not the content that has to be similar rather its the feel and look of the two pieces so my original idea concept wise still works however the look of the website will have to be completely different to have the same feel as my book.

We spoke more about the book so we could get a relating idea for the web site when we came up with the idea of mind maps as a layout. I have now started to draw out possible looks for the website so i can get an idea of how the web site will look as well as work. I plan to make my website a giant mind map so it will start at the top with the links in a “bubble” then lines running off into other bubbles which will hold the content all should be internet linking and have a feeling of floating there rather than a grid layout. The logistics of this type of website can be very difficult as i will have to create the background that is an image covering the whole of the page which has the lines and perhaps the boxes for the text allready there then using positioning i will have to place each bit of text separately onto the laid out area.

I have started in Photoshop to build a mock up of how the website will look however this is just basic and i will need to know how much content there is before i create the website as when creating the background i have to think ahead on what will be there. The idea is very complicated however if done right should provide a very unique idea which will be very professionally looking as well as having a similar feel to that of my book.


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