Design continued

I have been thinking more about how the diagram would actully work within a book format. I have come up with the idea that the book will have fold out pages which in the end create a poster like size with the diagram spreading across the whole page but leaving small gaps for people to start adding in there own links to creat an even larger piece this also continues the idea of natural digression reaching even further links across the cyberspace. This should link into the website if possible a page where people can select a site on the diagram and type in the new link they found which will open it up on the diagram to everyone else aswell.

These are just passing ideas i have drawn some of them out on a sketch pad and will continue to add to them however the logistics for this idea is a little overwhelming as each time a person added a links the website would have to exspand to create space for the work so a repeated background would also be needed. The book however is fixed but also is limited as links would slowly become inative or lose the links to the other websites shown however at the time of creation it would work proving the theory.


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