Continuing the edit

After more changes and more sessions of of meeting all up together we final have a video we would be happy to hand in this cut is now to the point and is a lot cleaner it also has more color correction to it making the piece seam less orange although color could still have more done with it.

Although we feel we could hand it in we know there is a lot we can change and due to being organised we have the chance to take the piece in its current state of being”ok” and turn it into great. The first point that will need addressing is the color i have raised this with the group i voted to re-film however no one else would support this and as it was 3 against one we went with the option to try and carry on color correcting within after effects. We did a lesson on color correcting within motion graphics which will provide will with a lot of the knowledge to hopefully fully remove the orange tange that it has however it will require a lot of time effort and pacients but he keeps us updated and we continue to make suggestions.

My personal oppinon aswell is that some scenes could be done with slight trimming and padding in other places however again the majority rule and we are keeping it as it is with just a few minor noise changes which i notices such as a rustles on the mic or background noises. the credits have been now worked out. Me and Will sat in lesson and re-wrote the roles in production so they where more profesional and Luke has created a credits reel in after effects for the end Will shall put this onto the end and this should be the last changes.

For me these isnt much to do i am simple waiting to make comments on Will’s edit and helping where ever possible.


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