The Brief and Ideas

This brief requires us to produce a 2000 word essay comparing 2 media texts one historical and 1 contemporary discuss them compare whilst referencing to multiple sources and theories. If there are any links or key differences we must discuss them and why we think they are similar/different and always think what was going on in society at that time.

After reading through the brief I started to brainstorm ideas that came to mind. I started thinking what media texts there are and ones that I am interested in with so many mediums and ways of reading media text limiting them down to 2 would be a hard task however I came to an idea of mobile phones. I came to this idea whilst I saw someone texting using an application on a phone then continuing to take a picture and send it all whilst not actually using the Phone rather using the application on the phone known as “whatsap”. I started to think about the development within this cell phone world the first phone which only allowed 30 mins of talk time before having to be recharged for 10 hours and only had the function to store 30 dialing locations to the modern I phone which could easily be considered a media centre with access to the internet and an almost infinite resource of texts and applications. The I phone has a new use everyday with the development of applications for novelty and important uses from flashlight to media sharing.

I am fascinated by technology and its role in society how some people do it for a simple fashion statement to businessmen using it to run a full business on the move. I however I do not own a smart phone myself due to lack of interest in having one I have no desire to get it for a fashion statement and although application provide some sort of novelty value all I need to do is text and phone so I keep it simple and refuse to buy into an overpriced and glorified market of mass production.

My next step is to continue with the current ideas I am having I still am not sure on whether I should compare a new iphone to Telecommunication in the 1940’s or to the first cell phone. I think I should do research into both areas then decide dependent on what resources I actually find.


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