This post will be dedicated to listing the websites I believe will be useful for my essay I also hope to come across some articles on time magazine and other magazines as well. Once I am back in uni I will also start research into books and magazines that are on the shelves.

Timeline of the history of Telecommunication:

this should be a good resource for getting the history of what lead up to the invention of the first cell phone


about the first cell phone:

this resource also should provide good information on the “retro brick” it is supposed to sell the phone however before that it informs you all about the phone including the inventor, company and developers.

Evolution of phones:

this goes from the first phone to the iphone might prove handy for other phones through the ages.


More info on the first phone:

This site is again selling the phone but also includes an original advertising campaign poster

Advertising campaign:

interesting campaign and a lot to talk about for the essay especially target audience.

Iphone 4s features apple website:

a quick summary loads there!

13 page review!!

need to say more?


More research is needed into actually articles about the use of phones in society there should be previous essays with similar themes also articles in magazines like time magazine.




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