Idea development

I have been researching into Telecommunication from the fist phone up until now with the smart phones. I was trying to decide whether I should compare the I phone to either telecommunication in the 1940’s or to the first cell phone. The reason I originally thought 1940’s was with the War I believed that this time period telecommunication would have been vital to the government and provided quick communication between the army also the first microwave communication was developed in this time more information found here….

A form of communication that uses the “line of sight method” to transfer data. I stared to research however after a very short period I ran out resources coming up empty on articles to do with the society’s use of the Telecommunication for the time period and also no articles on how the Army actually used the telecommunication’s. The other idea was to compare the first mobile phone with the I phone this was much easier to find resources on as it was considered a ground breaking moment in history there are plenty of articles, web sites and books which talk about this moment.

So I decided to discuss the first mobile phone the “Motorola DynaTAC 8000X” and the “I Phone” I hope to compare them technology wise but more importantly their role in society how they were used who owned them and why people think they are so important.

I will now start research and hope to get information about both of the phones so that when I start my essay I can go into it with a knowledge about the phones rather than learning about them as I write as this would impair my ability to write an essay in a logical and unbiased way


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