Initial ideas

After visiting the Turner centre i got some inspritation as i did not like the exhibit as it was to literal very “this is where i went and here is somthing obvious about it” i would like to exspolre a more obscure sense of place mainly “The Internet”.

The internet however is a very large place with millions of websites avaliable to anyone with a computer and internet connection. The thing that intrests me more than anything when using the internet is this natrual instict to go from website to website using links not knowing where exactly it will lead you to. I wish to exsplore this natural transgration as a sense of place and a means of “virtual transport” after all hyperlinks is what makes up the majority of the Web.

The way i wish to exsplore this is by dedicating a website to first talk about these ideas and putting my point across by making the website out of Links. The way i so far imagine this is that i will create intresting topics for each page such as the six degrees of seperation but try and apply it to the WWW  but then every word/sentence will be a link its self which opens up in a new browser a different web page relating to the subject in some way. This website will serve as a test case to prove that through organic trafficing you can reach almost any website in the virtual space.

Applying these theories to abook however is a little confusing i dont know how exsploring the linking of websites will apply to books yet i only have a single idea so far which is….

To create a book that actully shows through a visual spider diagran the linking of 100 websites from unrelated sources this will take some time, effort and a load of research to acheive however. I think by starting with a single website then following links and marking down the URL will give me an idea of what links to what and eventualy i can get spread consiting of many websites and who they link to and who links to them.

these ideas will also give me a place to research as before i had no clear target i was simply waiting for an idea i can now begin to research the internet hyprelink and books that link to other things.


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