Starting research based upon my main idea which is the drink awareness idea.

To start my research i firsted looked at previous government campaigns used to tackle tough problems in the community. one that i have looked at that sums up the style in which i would like to recreate is: this is a famous government message warning kids to stay away from strangers it was later used as a prodigy sound clip for the bases of a full song. The 1980’s style animation which is very copy is how i would like mine to work however i would like to take it a step further and push it into the stick animation genre using very basic drawings that are animated on a photographic background recreating very real situations.

I carried on looking into old public service films and i came across a montage of many of the 1970 publication films: This video shows many of the films which now they are classed as scary and i would say insane! they show children and adults making the mistakes they don’t want you two one film shows about 8 kids getting killed on a farm in various ways this although taking it to far worked well into scaring kids and adults into learning what can go wrong in various situations. I would like to create the uncomfortable feeling created in these videos however i wish to make them more enjoyable up until that point so people get the shock value.

Newer adverts such as this one: use similar tactics first it sets a nice bar scene then hits you with a figure that bursts into a dramatic summary of what could happen to your life if you just have one drink to many. This advert i believe works well it targets people that are in need and then aims to change their mind about having one more drink. The pace is well worked the acting really sells it and lighting all works to create a very intimidating atmosphere then scares you into submission.

This advert aimed at drivers that are speeding in a 30 zone is particularly known for creating a uncomfortable feeling with a real hard hitting message. here is the advert . This advert creates a tension that i would hope to create making people feel as if they are response able however they still want to watch the video because they feel they have to.


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