lighting, frame rate and white balance

Today was a change in lesson plan we original was to edit the short film we filmed previously however due to poor weather lots of people couldnt make it in so we did work that would help towards our filming days.


First we talked about frame rate we discussed the difference between 24 frames per second and 30 frames a second we secided that a 24 frame rate was proberly best due to it having that “film look” creating a more profesional look.

second we talked about lighting and more inparticular three point lighting which is commonly used in low budget films and photography. i also found this link: which exsplains how it works and shows the difference very clearly and helps a lot.

The last thing we talked about was auto white balance although more important in photography the same rules apply to film. Camera’s automaticly try to guess what white looks like however due to the subtle lighting differences caused by natural, floursent and other lighting. We can manualy make the camera understand lighting  however by showing it what true white actully is. This is important as most student projects get a horrible orange tang to the people in scenes.


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