Dean Oked the script and we got the go ahead for filming as soon as we wanted.

Filming has been all finished over the last two days. We managed to learn a lot over the last two days what went wrong and what went right.

I picked up the equipment on the wednesday morning as i arranged with luke over email. I then met up with the others and we headed to the first location ready for filming however due to lack of power outlets we where forced to search for new locations i waited with the equipment and did the first set of checks on the equipment plus checked out filming rate and resolution.

Once we had set up in our first locations i took control of setting up the lighting however we could not get rid of the shadows created by the lights due to lack of space for the lighting so we where forced to try our best. Whilst filming i filmed using one camera (the free hand camera) whilst Danny used the other on a tripod to get long and static shots. I tried to take role as director of photography but unforuntly other members of the group allready had set ideas and i wasnt allways liestned to as i thought i should have been we did however compromise and end up with some very good looking shots which will serve well in the final piece i belive we could have been more artistic in our approach instead of the very mundaine approach we took.

For the filming time i took control of the second camera and lighting but we all had a hand in directing, filming and sound. The filming went well all told i belive that we could have took more shots but we did manage to film all we needed.

Over the week off Will is going to edit a rough cut and post it onto youtube for us to see and comment on this is an important stage i belive as i originaly wanted to edit however Will volunteered so i will want to put some ideas across luckily Will is a very good editor and i look forward to seeing his first draft. This will also give us an idea on if we need to re shoot any scenes.


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