Script development and planning

The script is now coming along very nicely Luke and Danny have been doing the writing between them however we have all been posting in ideas and thoughts nho how to improve it continuing to make it better o each draft we have a piece we would be happy to submit however we do currently have two different ending’s.

Whilst writing the script we have been preparing for the actul filming sessions i have downloaded a list of equipment and wrote out a list of what we could possible need from this list also ic areted a character list and shooting schedual which luke has since re-written. I have taken on the role of producer trtying to make sure equipment and people are in order for the filming dates.

the list i wrote out is as follows:

2 JVC camera’s

1 Tripod

1 boom mic (long)

1 set of lighting Red heads

1 reflector

1 steady cam rig or close to that effects

This equipment should prepare us for inside shooting with lighting aswell as outside shooting on the go allowing for tracking shots aswell as static tripod shots. I have also contacted Gavin to ask how it is that i book out the equipment in advance so we have no problems closer to the time.

The next task is to finish the script, confirm dates for filming, book out equipment and get all props together.


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