finalized script and shooting dates

Since last post we have managed all my previous hopes and get further aswell.

The script has now been finialized we all have agreed with it and belive that it ill work great for a short film it is written in celtx and we all have a copy however we still have to submit it to Dean. The work has been a joint effort with Danny and Luke taking the lead for this stage.

I have been in contact mainly with Luke to arrange dates for filming and we decided to film over two days as we belive with 2 full days we can finish filming all together. we have sorted out to meet on wednesday the 8th Feb and thursday the 9th and do the filming on these two days hopfully completing the whole thing before the reading week. Soon as me and luke confimered the date i sent an email to gavin and booked in the equipment aswell as printed of a project realease form to be signed by Dean.

We all took a trip to search for locations however we decided for all interior location would use uni but for outside we would use broadstairs streets including a certain hill (cant remember the name) for the pushchair scene. After we finished the location wrekies we went into town to search in charity shops for a suit to be worned by luke the main character we was able to find a suit and we all chipped in to cover costs.

Next step will be to assign production roles, film, get dean to check script.


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