New idea and new research

We now have a new idea that we are planning to use Danny and Luke are writing the script basing it on what we all decided as a group earlier on.

The new idea is based around the genre comedy mainly slapstick humor. We aim to create a short that follows a man trying to find a toilet but make it in time for an interview and comical situations occur.

To research what Comedy conventions are i have started to look at verious sketchs from different shows mainly Mr. Bean, Charlie Chaplin and many more

To start with i looked at chalie chaplin as he is without a dout the king of slapstick plus it also fits in with our theme of over acting silent movie style. I found a greatr sketch found here:

However due to techincal advancements camera conventions has changed dramaticly using multiple angles such as  ECU,CU,LS and many more so the camera use was not very helpful however the acting and pacing still applies to many of todays comedy sketchs. To get an idea more of camera angles and possible sound i looked Mr. Bean.

Mr. Bean is a modern version of charlie chaplin filled with physical comedy and using a non speaking character to create a character that seams as if he is from another planet. The sketchs allways involve Mr.Bean getting into ackward situation and having to find a way to get through them normaly at the exspense of a innocent person.

Hoping to see a biger use of the camera i started to watch famous clips such as this one: but as i saw in this clip the show is primarily made up of Long shots and Mid shots for Mr. Bean’s reactions. This was different than i imagined however it reinforced the fact that comedy relies heavily on the script to provide intresting watching

another comedy show i used for research was Armstrong and Miller well known and very successful i looked at multiple clips from all different type of sketchs and all used the same conventions mid  and long shots for nearly the whole of each sketch. Man Stroke woman also follows the same conventions however sometimes using slightly more intresting angles such as this sketch

From all my research i have gathered that most popular progams that make it into the mainstream use basic camera and sound work and heavily rely on a strong narrative.


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