The Brief

The brief for this assignment is spread between graphic design and web design the work we hand in will be counted together both a book with 4 spreads aswell as a 4 page website.

The book  and website should be interlinked with none taking a priority. The theme, style and content should all work as one with no major visual differences. The Due Date is the 30th of April which gives me plenty of time to research plan, exsperiement and evaluate.

The book and webstie should be influenced by “exsploring a sense of space” meaning that the website and book should exsplore a space this can be any space. I am unsure if this is very literal or subjective so i shouldfollow this up and check maby with some ideas to get if iam going in the right direction.

The first step i should be taking in this task is obviously research to get an idea of what can be done previous books or website that are creative in layout, content and  style. Then build using the research i will sttempt to scetch out some inital ideas.


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