Initial thoughts

This is a page of my first thoughts based on the breif for the ITMG unit 2 piece.

The breif only reaquiers us to submit 1 30-60 sec piece  that uses motion graphics. This is pretty much it so its up to us to decied what topic what medium be it animation or real life footage.

Idea 1. (main idea)

This initial idea is to re-do an old piece that i did for a college project (see the following link). The old project was to create an animation piece using tradionial animation the piece was to be infomative and be created in a group of 2-3. Me and my partner seperated jobs i was in charge of the story and edit and he was in charge of audio and animation. This piece ended up being very successful and acheived a high grade due to the firm story idea and effective animation.

Pros and cons of origional piece:


The piece’s story worked great

Humour and Serious tone both gotten across


Cons (things to improve):


tradional animation made the piece less serious and easy to forget

Short time span made to many sacrefices to the story such as the liver failure scene broke the humour and lessened the shock value aswell as the kids scene was poorly done


The aim of this piece:

To be a hard hitting public service announcement aimed at 16-30 (main age for binge drinking). We use humour to lure the audience into a false sense of security then use a powerful imagery to shock the audience at the last second turning the tone.

The story:

start with title”The effects of Alchol” then animated “5. Hangover”

cut to birds eye view with a close up on main Char looking worse for whear and black eye then he looks to left off screen (eye line match) reaveals a bearded large lady cut back to birds eye view he looks forward and trys to remember what happened.

Cut to title “4. Beer googles” cut to man in bar ordering a drink looks around (POV) and spots a large bearded lady  cut back to him standing at bar he shudders then grabs his drink looks back at bearded lady (POV) the drink rises and obscures the view of the lady as the drink  disappears she gets increasing better looking till the drink is all gone and the lady is hot, blonde and big breasted (western male version of the perfect woman).

cut to title “3.Reacion times” simply man standing at bar with bearded lady next to him shouts “peanuts” man throws peanuts to him (tracking shot of peanuts flying through the air) the man gets hit in eye with peanuts then swings to catch them only to fall comicly.

cut to title “2.impaired walking ability” tracking man walking not too bad with the fat lady when he just falls flat on his face (slapstick style) and cmoical splat noise.

cut to title “1.Drink Driving” we see man in car with bearded lady (shot through the front window screen) he takes a swing from a bottle of JD (happy music on) Flash of a little girl in front of him (POV) then cut to outside of the car to reveal the car skided to a stop and a little girl in a pool of blood (no music)


Idea 2.(backup idea)

30 sec Game teaser trailer designed to be aimed towards familys using kinnect on the Xbox 360 using Disney as the game devlopers. This idea has only just been though of so no storyboard as of yet however i have inital ideas.

Disney has so many lovable characters that using many of these would be a great selling technique. I prepose a game based around a new disney character that falls through a “glitch in the game” and lands in Micky Mouses world he then has to travel through all the disney characters worlds in order to get back but a series of baddies are trying to trap him and the rest of Disney characters in the game.

I would mainly acheive this using verious videos created by disney and slicing them together to give the impression that they are in my game however as it is a teaser trailer the majority of the trailer would be based around the text and suspense.

main things to consider on this idea is the following:

research of disney characters and previous games

target audience

platform and technical abilites of that platform

copyright infrignement





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