Inital thoughts on ITLBM unit 2

We have now recived the breif for unit 2 of ITLBM

I now have my group which consists of Danny, Will, Luke and myself. We brainstormed inital ideas as a group to get an idea of the genre we would at least like to take for this unit. The first ideas are either Action, Thriller or Phycological thriller however we will develop ideas for these and if they do not fit then we shall rethink it through.

This brief asks they we produce a 3 min video that is narrative driven using no linear editing and suffienct screen writing aswell as showing techical abilites in all areas. I have a fair bit of exsperience of video production as i attended a 2 year course at Thanet College doing Tv, film I also have a Aplle certification in Final Cut Pro 7.

We also thought about roles in the groups so far we imagine it will break down into

Danny and Luke will focus on pre production such as script and Me and Will shall take control in the thechnical side of the production aswell as post production. These roles however will all overlap as each person will try to contribute as much to each section.


Next step research into shot video’s




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