The design process

Updating on how my piece is going and show my process for this piece. after all the research i did i believed it was time to get stuck in with some work to get my ideas into an image. Me, Will Ward, Kam and Andreas all did a photo studio session together using the camera i own. We all took each others photos to get the best stock image and make sure we all understood lighting and photography. I then choose an image that i liked and decided to start using that piece. Unfortunately this piece was not the best quality the pixel’s once blown up in size start to the blur and not great definition however the background removal would be a simple task. I started to pull together various stock images that i would like to use creating a gallery on deviant art of possible stock images. I finally decided on all the stock i would use (look below).
So onto the editing. I first removed the background on me making sure that it was as clean as possible then took the background stock image placed it into a new document A4 size to see if the image size was right as it was i then started to edit the background so i could place new clouds in however the alley image was badly over exposed in the sky area so some of the building needed editing i then brought forward the clouds and darkened down the alley to make it fit. I then found stock fire and imported it into the picture the image looked odd as there was no lighting and very little atmosphere. I then used a vinyetting technique thought to me by Dean to pull focus into the model. The next step was to start putting in lighting effects i created a new duplicate layer did an adjustment and painted it in using a layer mask. I carried this on for hours trying to get the right balance using different layer types such as overlay and soft light. The background at this point was looking empty so i used new stock images to create fire balls in the sky then blended them in using opecity also this gave it a depth. The fire although looked nice i needed to give it a glow using a new layer in overlay mode i painted in some eye droped colors this really made the piece liven up. The background was still plain so i used a curves on everything behind the fire and me thencreated a complementary color scheme using blues to contrast with the orange and yellow. The rest was simply tidying up the edges preforming a skin soften and adding definition with a unshapen mask.  

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